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Will this be the time that you start a fitness and diet regimen and finally be able to stick with it? or Will you start out with great intentions, life get in the way, and your efforts fade away adding multiple inches to your waistline?

The start of every attempt to become the fit and healthier version of yourself is critically important… every truly successful attempt starts with a great plan. Unfortunately, most people put all their focus into “what do I have to do to get?”, without giving much thought to the "who do I have to become to make my results & willpower last?" Without considering the second question repeated failure at being fit and healthy becomes inevitable.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Since 2001 Andre Farnell has been training bodies and minds, reading & researching how the human mind works to create everlasting changes with his clients. Andre discovered specific ways of thinking and doing that separated those who became successful long-term with changing their bodies and lives from those who continued to struggle with consistency around fitness. He cooked down what he discovered into a ten step formula for creating real fitness success for anyone, but especially busy and high achieving people.



October 5, 2015

Train Your Brain and Master Fitness Motivation

  Consistency around food and exercise is tough. Why doesn’t fitness motivation last?  This article is about the underlying reasons […]

Fitness Coaching & Consulting

This is where the rubber touches the road.

By now many people are waking up to the fact that just knowing what to do around fitness is different than actually doing the work. Coaching and consulting with someone who is committed to seeing you succeed, & has trained one on one with thousands of bodies & minds and has already conquered the path that you are on is beneficial to any endeavor.

Built To Thrive C&C is not normal online or mobile coaching. We utilize 50% mental distinctions, 20% personalized exercise, and 30% specifically crafted dietary plans to alter how fitness shows up in your life once and for all.

You can work with Dre’ on a one off single plan or virtual group session. Or you can hire him to work with any group online. Or you can take advantage of one of his premium & most effective programs. There are three exclusive options to working with him personally. His 6 week “Power” Program, his 90 day “Determination” mindset and body transformation Program and Exclusive2 Day VIP Package.



Andre Farnell is an award winning fitness entrepreneur, writer and speaker born and raised in the New York City tri-state area and has served thousands of bodies and minds all over the globe.

BBEX started as a personal training company geared towards creating wonderful before and after photos. As Andre was working with his high achieving and busy clientele of executives, celebrities, soldiers, and athletes he noticed that before’s and afters weren’t permanent. Results didn’t always stick, and this made him feel like a failure. Life would happen to his clients and they would lose their momentum, fall off of the wagon and gain their weight back, sometimes more. Quick fixes and stone cold stiff & rigid eating regimens and workouts do not work for the long haul. Permanent transformation is what Dre set out to create with his clients.

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Andre Farnell is a Consummate Man’s man, 19yr Award Winning fitness/personal development expert, Author/Speaker, writer, spiritually awakened style god.

Foster kid from Brooklyn NY, now sharing his gifts with the globe. Living on the planet to help people to thrive, live life at their full potentials & take their bodies on the journey with them.

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