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We all have a story. My life has been and is one of overcoming great adversity and creating a path to thrive in the ways that I see fit. I grew up in the NYC foster care system bouncing from home to home and now I’m recognized as one of the top fitness experts and human development teachers on the planet. The picture above is the picture that lead to my adoption. Every time that I am featured asked to share my knowledge and insight I remember the buck toothed abused & abandoned kid in this pic. It keeps me humble, grateful and always reminded that I am blessed. We all are, we just forget sometimes.

Where you’re from matters far less than who it is that you’ve decided to become.

I am the sort of person who could never settle for good if great could be had. It’s safe to assume that you are like this too if you are reading this. You have an insistent inner voice that keeps nudging you to do and be more. I resonate with high achievers. People on a mission to being their best self & destined to make an impact on others are the only people that are attracted to my work. I have used fitness to help people access the “better” in themselves for 19years. I help people create new habits that create long term results. You may not know me but I have been an expert consultant for articles in many major national fitness and lifestyle publications, featured on TV, podcasts, radio, websites and major fitness brands.

Hopefully you can gain from me sharing how I made this transformation from that foster child on the left to the man I am today possible. The transformation into someone who is fit, fun and intentional is the same. Fitness and the lessons learned through practicing it have a lot to do with all that I have achieved. Working to share what I know to be true in my workshops, seminars, social media, books, online courses, fitness training sessions, videos, blogs, and my article writing is my passion purpose. Are you living yours?

To the extent that we conquer our own mental blocks we will succeed. To date I have made nearly all of my dreams a reality. I don’t say this to brag but to let you know that it is possible to build a body and a life that you love and sustain with less struggle than settling for being a victim of life. There is no reason to settle for having, doing or being less. For 19 years now I have been helping successful people to stop settling for surviving & to thrive. I’m blessed to help thousands to remember their strength and resolve to better live lives of self-expression rather than at the mercy of circumstance. Every pound around your waist that you don’t want is a result of allowing circumstance to get the better of you. Hopefully I can one day be a part of helping you tip those scales.


Through the years I have been fortunate to work with soldiers in the US Army, athletes, CEO’s of Fortune 50 corporations, celebrities, executives and regular everyday people. I have owned in-home mobile fitness businesses sending trainers all over the globe, boot camps in NY/NJ region, & trained both trainers and clients in multiple gym settings. I currently run a virtual coaching and consulting business helping people online, I write, speak, teach and even train people in person at various local gyms on occasion. For me nothing suffices for that in person training feel when you can see a shift in a person and know their life is different forever.

Developing consistency in the area of exercise and nutrition will change your life completely. I believe that fitness is more than a fashion show with half naked firm bodies and ten minute workout videos. With a healthier body, more energy & greater health you can live from your purpose and share it in the world. Physical fitness is personal development in solid form & motion.

I am a nerdy jock. I always have been so I have blended physical training, exercise physiology, neuroscience, psychology, human ontological studies, transformational learning, spiritual teachings, success coaching and philosophy into a succinct 10 step process that have yielded lasting results for my clients. Guess what? We all know to eat less and exercise more. The call to be better on any level is a spiritual thing. It then becomes mental in the search for a plan to make it happen. The distance between creating the plan and consistent execution is where you and the majority of people get tripped up. When it comes to fitness, bridging that gray space between thought & execution is my area of expertise.

My thoughts and methods have been featured on MTV, OPEN Chanel 67, MSNBC, TV1, Business Week, Shape, , Women’s Health Magazine, Men’s Health, INC Magazine,,, Yahoo Shine, The Huffington Post, Black Enterprise as well as other online and print publications and have partnered with Reebok & Saucony on fitness initiatives.

EDUCATION (if you care about that type of thing)

Andre Farnell has earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology with a concentration in Adult Fitness from Montclair State University. He has held certifications by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) as a Health Fitness Specialist, Level 1 Kettle Bell Instructor by KBC , and Group Exercise Instructor by AFFA. US ARMY battalion coin earner for Physical Training, Mad Dog Athletics Spinning Level 1 Instructor, Corrective Exercise Specialist, 600hr Sports Nutritional Course. He has multiple certificates of completion He is currently certified as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He has completed Land Mark Educations “Curriculum for living”, Andre lso reads 24-32 nonfiction books a year and is a graduate of the school of hard knocks.

Book me to lead any inspirational workshops and seminars & fitness events, for corporations, charities, organizations or any groups across the nation. Hire me as your coach. Come back to the website often as I share my story & message of inspiration and purpose by any means necessary. I will provide practical steps to achieving greater human potentials.

Having learned so much from humanity I now get to teach people around the globe how to master personal fitness and more importantly themselves. Fitness can become a great tool in your arsenal for creating the life of your dreams. All that I have learned, and accomplished doesn’t mean a damn thing if it doesn’t translate to you making your life drastically better. I am happy to be a part of that. Contact myself & my team if I can be of service.

Andre was one of SHAPE magazines “50 Hottest Trainers In America”, Earned a “HeartSaver” Award by the American Heart Association, Earned a battalion coin from the US ARMY for “Physical Training Excellence”, Awarded a “Black Celebration Award for Sports & Fitness” from Black Street & has served as a health and wellness panelist and TV fitness personality as well. His signature Workshop/ Seminar “Built To Thrive, Creating a Life That You Love” & speaks for groups, organizations, companies and charities like Dress For Success & Make A Wish. He especially enjoys speaking and working with children and young adults instilling the mantra worldwide.

Client Testimonials

  • Dre, You are so good at what you do. You give and share so much with the people you coach. Thank you for inspiring me!!
    Monique Washington Joell
  • Thanks Dre you are an inspiration to me to Chase what I believe in and not to just hold on to what I know is safe!!!
    Corey MisterCee Fowler
  • Andre because of your inspiration years and years ago, I still train regularly and I still sing your praises!!! Thank you for changing my life forever!!!!
    Sharon Ripkin
  • Thanks man a lot of the things you have taught me are playing a good role in my life. It’s almost like I have this guide in my life. Thanks dude
    Omar B.

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