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Andre tells us that we have the power to craft the lives that we live. There are intangible powers of thinking that all humans have access to when creating life. He teaches through sharing his story and lessons he’s learned how to harness these powers and create new realities. Drawing from his own life lessons, he speaks from the heart & delivers actionable insights as to how an abused & abandoned foster child in the hood becomes a globally known fitness expert. The same set of distinctions have shaped the bodies of thousands of clients over a 19yr period. Dre is answering his calling to share what he’s learned. He is moved by purpose to help people move from the world of “victim of life, scarcity & survival” mindset to carrying an “intentional creator of life & thriving” reality. Once that shift is made people can trade in struggle for triumph in areas of life where they historically experienced little progress.

Your audience will learn that goal achievement and dream manifestation are the results of their imagination, willpower, reasoning, intuition, memory, and perceptions - not blood, sweat and tears. When these are aligned with our heart's desires, we're effortlessly drawn into the actions, circumstances, and "coincidences" necessary for extraordinary accomplishments and breakthroughs.


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Built To Thrive… Creating a body & Lifestyle That You Love. . In this inspirational and powerful workshop Dre uses his story to help others discover how to identify and overcome urrent limiting beliefs. Discover how to install new and empowering ones that totally change the game.

Own it! 5 Steps To Turning temporary failure into triumph and achievement. Self-mastery and effective leadership is accessed in this class by exploring five simple things must happen in order for any failure to be turned into a successful comeback.

“Fit By Default” This workshop is about how to mentally & physically turn fitness into something that happens consistently. Bring your sneakers. Audiences learn through movement & discussion what it truly takes to create motivation from within to exercise and eat regularly.

Built To Thrive… Fitness Mechanics. Everyone in the audience will leave this workshop with a mental grasp on what to do with their fitness efforts for maximal long term success. We take an in depth look at what exercises, foods, times, frequencies and durations to select courses of action actually work.

In addition, Andre shares inspiring and uplifting personal stories and anecdotes as reminders of how blessed we all are to be alive and human right here and now.


  • Andre recently spoke to my transition age foster youth and not only had a significant impact on my youth but me as well! Very inspiring and motivating presentation!!! If you ever get the chance to hear him speak don't miss it as you won't be disappointed. He is such a good soul and I am glad to have met him.
    Melissa A. Marcum, MSW PPS
    Nevada County Foster Youth Services
  • Andre immediately had our group's attention with his humor, eloquence, attention-grabbing voice and infectious smile.  The teens and young adults in the room found inspiration as Andre explained how he uses the tools he developed during his difficult childhood to become the successful, compassionate and happy man he is today. Andre's presentation felt less like a training and more like a conversation, one we felt engaged in and happy to be a part of. We had rave reviews from all.
    Kate Pomeroy / MSW
    Environmental Alternatives Foster Family Agency
  • I’ve had the honor of being in the audience to hear Dre speak at least 5 times and EVERY SINGLE TIME there is a huge shift of transformation that happens to the audience. He candidly shares his journey from being an unwanted foster child to now being one of the leading fitness and personal development experts in the world and the hardcore life lessons he’s learned along the way. If you want a dynamic speaker that connects to your audience and teaches through transparency and real life lessons, Dre is YOUR guy!

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