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Virtual course for your tablet, phone, or computer

Take control of your time. Find out the secrets to fitting exercise and healthy eating into your busy schedule. Discover how to gain time to do the things that you love more often.

Discover why when things get hectic in life your own personal fitness & health are the first to go to the wayside, when you need them most. Make falling off of the wagon with diet and exercise a thing of the past.

Learn the proper way to get back on track with your fitness efforts when you fall off track. Mitigate the damage caused by a slip.

Find out and master the type of thinking that puts the most effective humans on the planet in charge of their physical bodies and life. Use the 6 superpowers of the human mind to create new habits that yield you a thinner waist faster & help you once again generate the energy levels that you once enjoyed.

BUILT TO THRIVE - Custom Game Plan

Sometimes you need a customized game plan from an expert to get you on your way. A fresh start is recommended for every 6-12 weeks of training. Switching It up keeps things fresh, prevents overuse injuries, helps you to avoid both staleness and plateaus. When what you are doing gets stale, you have an event you must look great for short term, or you took a long break from your fitness efforts, a new beginning is needed. You need a fresh new and exciting customized workout and eating plan to get the ball rolling again.

Why not work with Andre Farnell a seasoned expert who’s worked with thousands of minds and bodies? A man who has dedicated thousands of dollars and hours to the study of exercise physiology, nutrition, exercise prescription, transformational learning, and behavioral science can add a lot to your personal fitness levels and the results that you experience. Put Dre on your team.

It is Andre’s pleasure to get on the phone (with only the serious & driven people) and speak with them in person to assess where they are and work together to craft a new way of eating and training that gets you the quickest and best results. You will be able to sustain your results because you will be working from plans that actually fit your body and lifestyle like a glove. A tailored suit always looks and feels better than an off the rack suit. A custom fitted workout crafted by a 20 year fitness expert and eating regimen

--- WHAT YOU GET ---

  • 30 minute Game plan Strategy call.
  • Meal Plan, and Grocery list.
  • Customized Macronutrient breakdown sheet.
  • Week long workout schedule crafted from goals, location, preferences, history, personality, lifestyle and values.
  • VIP priority access to me for 6 weeks via email, text, social media, Skype.


The best laid plans become extreme wastes of time when consistent action is left out of the equation. No more giving in to your excuses to blow off your workouts. No more falling victim to what the scale says. No more doubt as to what kind of protein requirements you will need.

This is a manual that helps you figure out exactly what you should be doing to get and stay in the best shape of your life. It provides a blueprint for crafting an approach that uniquely fits what is most important to you in life. “The Fitness Blueprint” touches on nutrition, mindset, chronic ways of thinking, exercise recommendations, partner and family activities, meditation, mantras, then maintaining health.

There are hundreds of tips and techniques to experiment with that make fitness easier to maintain & fun. The fitness blueprint outlines a holistic approach to fitness in 12 separate sections that all come back to the catalyst that makes all great tangible outcomes manifest… Action!

I guarantee that if you take these tips, recommendations, mindsets and techniques and turn at least one into a new habit that there is no way that your body and your life cannot positively be affected in ways that you couldn’t imagine right now. Adopt only one new behavior and results that you found impossible can become attainable.

When you cut through the fluff & every day myths you begin to see that everything in our lives is interconnected. When it comes to fitness we often leave out the fact that how we think and manage the stresses of life, who we have in our lives, and our perception of importance around food and exercise are what truly matter most. “The Fitness Blueprint” puts this all into perspective & helps you to grow as a person and longer enjoy longer lasting fitness results.



Fitness Coaching & Consulting


Every wildly successful person on the planet has had amazing coaches and mentors. Every person living in their purpose and making a difference in this world has identified someone to help show them what they don’t know that they don’t know is holding them back. The things that often hold us back from realizing our true potentials are things within us that we don’t even consciously know exist. When another perspective can point out what it is that is holding us back or furnish us an insight that we couldn’t think of on our own we are given back tremendous power in that situation. The power to make a conscious choice on taking new actions is what creates brand new outcomes in our lives. Sometimes eating certain unhealthy foods, skipping workouts, or inability to adopt healthy habits & sabotaging our own fitness efforts are the results of subconscious ways of thinking or being. The best remedy is a coach rather than years and years of struggle, failure and anguish and at some point apathy. Let me help you today.

Clients who have moved what was holding them back in their fitness efforts oftentimes have found that they have moved the block around their careers. They have bumped into ways of being that were ruining relationships that they cared about. A person who flakes on opportunities to care for themselves also flakes on other opportunities in life that could benefit themselves and the ones that they love. Becoming aware of & removing, thinking and actions that hold us back from success in life often equate to my clients losing a few or plenty of pounds that will never come back on. The journey of self-discovery through consistent exercise & coaching changes who they are. The journey of becoming the best version of themselves is sped up and made enjoyable.

BTT Custom Coaching Programs

POWER (6 Weeks)

How would you like to in six weeks gain a strength & power over the way your body looks and feels that you never have had before and lose up to 12 pounds, the right way, in the process?

Power is a six week virtual coaching program where we explore what you don’t know that you don’t know that has been holding you back from making fitness a long term priority and then making it something that consistently happens.

We then through direct phone coaching, Skype calls, customized workouts and nutrition construct an entirely new approach to creating new habits and ways of being that make fitness a habit that lasts for a lifetime.


DETERMINATION (90 Day Intensive)

“Determination” is for the person who is actively building the life of their dreams & has a vision that includes greater health and wellbeing. This is for those ready to dig deeper with their fitness journey and do & be more. This program is an immersive program that affects every aspect of life positively. Participants can expect to have breakthroughs both mentally and physically.

Together we’ll take a real look into where you are now & where you want to be physically, mentally, and spiritually in 90 days. You will gain a unique snapshot into what it takes for you to become fit for the rest of your life and most importantly know that you have what it takes to execute it. There are a series of exercises and action steps that are to be completed over the 12 week period. They give you a game plan and teach you the fundamentals of a successful custom lifelong approach to fitness.

In completing all of them expect to gain the benefits of clarity, discipline, expertise, & focus around what works and what you need to do keep your body strong healthy and at it’s best within the life that you are creating. It won’t be easy stepping outside of the comfort zone but it will be worth it. You get 12 weeks of guidance and support that results in up to 24 lbs. lost and a lifetime of you being able to really call the shots around personal fitness and as a result live into greater potentials in all areas of life.


V.I.P. 2 Day Experience

A totally life changing experience with a unique approach to conquering things that hold us all back in certain areas of life. Your 2 day intensely awesome itinerary will be crafted and sent to you.

We will do 4 custom workouts, conquer something scary & thrilling (skydiving, luxury car racing, mountain climbing, bungee jumping etc…) you will also cook at least 2 new healthy meals all in a 48hr period.

Over 2 days we learn, have fun and then create some new habits that can transform body & life.

Only taking 2 V.I.P clients annually


Benefits of coaching with Dre

A world class professional coach always changes the game!

Coaches, mentors and supporters are the secret sauce of the truly successful. Support, new insight, laser focus, and living outside of your comfort zone make results and quantum leaps inevitable. Coaches help you to access your highest potentials in record time. It doesn’t have to take long to be right. Everything can change for you in an instant.

“Built To Thrive” Coaching & Consulting is for the people on a mission to live their best lives and are defiantly stepping into the opportunity to do more than survive… they are willing to physically and mentally thrive.

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Andre has a unique perspective on leadership, fitness, personal development and reaching our own highest potentials both individually, in groups, & as members of the entire human race. Exercise and nutrition have been his favorite tools to use to impart his message of accessing and sharing the greatest of who we are.

Leading talks, seminars, and helping others overcome seemingly great obstacles is his passion. Plotting and achieving larger-than-life goals for others, showing resilience in the face of untold odds and sharing what he’s learned is Andre’s greatest pleasure. Through story-telling, addressing facts and the use of analogies he is able to paint pictures that make the goals of his audience appear not only possible to them but well within their grasp. He then helps them craft actionable steps towards making them manifest.

Speaking and leading workshops for executive groups, speaking at churches, with at-risk children, & any group that could benefit from hearing his message is his calling. His message of creating an intentional and phenomenal life while taking guidance from the realest parts within us all has helped inspire people around the globe to better live into their roles in life and live into the lives they know deep down they are capable of. He has helped people to see potential and create opportunity where they historically haven’t seen any in the past.



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